Sunday, July 11, 2004

What the F*** is the ANC thinking? Sunday Times is reporting a secret meeting held recently between the ANC and Mugabe's ZANU-PF to strengthen political ties.

Look, Thabo, it's really not that difficult. ZANU-PF has destroyed the economy of our largest and most important neighbour. Along the way they've used every repressive measure in the book, including torture, against dissenters. They've ridden all over the most basic principles of democracy, shut down the independent media, hounded the opposition and engaged in corruption and theft on a vast scale. Now, nobody expects you to turn on them or suddenly start funneling resources to the opposition but we do expect a bit of impartiality. At the very least we hope that you are sensible enough to see that appearing to connive with the bastards not only makes you look stupid but it poses very serious questions about your own commitment to democracy and to promoting stability in the region. Thabo, we want a bit of leadership from you not this lilly-livered, friends before principles bullshit that you've given us so far. Zimbabwe is a wreck, even you must acknowledge that.


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