Friday, June 04, 2004

The leader of the Libertarian Party in the US has promised, if elected as President, to wear a handgun during state of the union addresses, to blow up empty UN buildings, and to make violent criminals lie in bed for a month once incarcerated. Another candidate for leadership of the party distributed literature advising people on how to ensure that their children would not receive social security numbers (presumably so that the government won't be able to track them). The Economist rightly quotes one observer as noting that the Libertarian Party's lack of draw might have something to do with its message (unfortunately, I can't link to the article as it's premium content).

Apparently, there's also a plan to encourage libertarians to move to New Hampshire en masse, thereby creating a libertarian state. It seems to me, however, that this assumes that the children of said libertarians will think the same way, which is unlikely, given how often children rebel against their parents. In other words, the libertarian utopia, if achieved, would, in all likelihood, last no more than a generation.

To all of you with libertarian sympathies, are you sure that you want to be associated with these guys? Alternatively, they need your help!


At 6 June 2004 at 19:48, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hence why most libertarians (stress on the little 'l') think very little of the LP and much more of the Cato Institute.



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