Monday, May 03, 2004

The Ora
For those wanting to know more about Orania's new currency, Cherryflava has been doing a bit of investigative work and has managed to uncover a picture of it.

Meanwhile for those curious about the future prospects of the 'Ora', Abiola Lapite devotes a lengthy post to the likely outcome. His conclusion: adopting the Ora will lead to the gradual impoverishment of the Oranians.

Finally, in order to try and judge just how important the Orania movement really is I decided to find out how many people have actually moved there. I was expecting it to be several thousand. Certainly, if the number of newspaper inches devoted to the movement is anything to go by it was not unreasonable to expect that it had fairly wide support. In fact, as this BBC story reports the total population of Orania is 600. This is fringe stuff and should not cause any concern for the rest of us.


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