Thursday, April 15, 2004

Wayne Wides, noting that the NNP:ANC alliance is sitting on a wafer thin majority in the Western Cape, is wondering if Patricia de Lille has been approached as a potential alliance partner.

I have no doubt that she has, but I have to wonder if she could be so stupid as to entertain such a proposition. One of the lessons that seems to be coming out of this election is that the country is not prepared to condone the kind of political opportunism that led the NNP to form its own alliance with the ANC. With just less than two percent of the national vote so far, I think its safe to say that the NNP are finished as a political force. Would the ID's risk incurring the voter's wrath by engaging in the same behaviour? I'd like to say no, but I remain suspicious of de Lille and wouldn't be surprised if she did abandon principle in pursuit of power.

I've speculated before that the formation of the ID's was part of an elaborate courtship ritual aimed at the DA. On reflection, it may be that de Lille was trying to improve her saleability to the ANC. With 2 percent of the national vote and the key to the Western Cape she could probably demand a fair bit by way of compensation if she did form a pact, but at what cost to her future success? We shall see what happens.


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