Sunday, April 25, 2004

This month's edition of Prospect is particularly good with outstanding articles on, amongst others, Bill Clinton's efforts to reduce the budget deficit in the 1990s, the future of controversial Qatari news channel al Jazeera and continuing fallout and feedback from David Goodhart's (Prospect editor) essay in February suggesting that Britain may be, 'too diverse'.

As if this were not enough the issue comes with a free CD entitled, 'Empire and the dilemma of liberal imperialism'. Not only does it contain essays from just about everyone who's had something to say on the subject over the last few years (Robert Kagan, Robert Cooper, Niall Ferguson, Michael Lind, Michael Ignatieff, Philip Bobbitt etc) but it also includes an audio recording of a recent debate on the same topic which featured Niall Ferguson, Philip Bobbit, Clare Short and Michael Portillo. Outstanding!

UPDATE: I've been rooting around a bit and managed to find an online version of Robert Kagan's essay, 'Power and Weakness'. Kagan is one of the leading academic lights in the neo-con constellation and in this, very influential, essay he purports to explain the divide between Europe and America in terms of their differing predispositions to, and capacity for, the use of power. Whilst I'm at it, I'll point you to the Project for the New American Century, about the closest thing to an official neo-con website and repository for many of Kagan's essays.


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