Sunday, April 11, 2004

I have an enormous amount of respect for British democracy, its age, its importance, the gravity with which it is conducted. Nevertheless, I sometimes feel that something is missing and that something is fun. News24 is carrying a story about some of the quirkier aspects of the SA election. Bad Brad's, 'The Organisation Party (TOP) has apparently been running a serious of campaign posters with the tag line, 'Rapists, child molesters, murderers and violent criminals: This time we are fcuking (sic) you'. Delightful!

Meanwhile Nandos Chicken has registered a party, the Nandos Party (New African National Democratic Organisation for Solidarity) which, according to a spokesman, is going to 'ruffle some feathers.' The same spokesman added, 'People are hungry for a party that will serve the people and grill the politicians, hungry for a party that is neither left 'wing' nor right 'wing', but rather for the whole chicken.' Yup, like I say, fun.


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