Tuesday, April 27, 2004

I find this SABC report rather disturbing:

'Robert Mugabe, the Zimbabwe president, received a standing ovation as he arrived for today's inauguration of President Thabo Mbeki; a party also marking 10 years of post-apartheid democracy.

South African and foreign dignitaries rose to their feet at Pretoria's Union Buildings as the Zimbabwean leader arrived for the inauguration ceremony, accompanied by his wife Grace.

Thousands of party-goers attending a public concert on lawns below the buildings whooped and cheered as huge television screens showed Mugabe's arrival.'

I suppose it was expecting too much to have hoped that Mugabe would not have been invited to the inauguration but that he was greeted by a standing ovation from dignitaries and members of the public really takes the cake. Presumably the irony of applauding a man who has done more than any other to undermine democracy in Southern Africa at a party to celebrate the advent of democracy is lost on most people. What kind of message does it send to the rest of the world that we not only provide this man with the opportunity to strut his stuff at the official commemoration of the beginning of our democracy but we then applaud him for doing so?


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