Thursday, April 01, 2004

Come again: M&G reports that Buthelezi is blaming COSATU and the SACP for SA's increasing unemployment. No news there. The real kicker is that the claim was made during a ceremony marking the signing of an agreement between the IFP and the Freedom Front Plus.

I suppose I shouldn't really be surprised by this. Both the IFP and the FF+ are marginal ethnically based parties whose principle aim appears to be to defend an existing ethnic enclave (IFP) or carve out a new one (FF+). I'm not sure just how far the similarities between Volkstaat Afrikaaners and rural Zulus goes but I suspect they have more in common than would initially appear to be the case: conservative and rurally inclined people intent on defending language and cultural traditions etc etc.

I'm also interested in FF+ leader, Piet Mulder's claim that SA is turning into a two party state similar to the United Kingdom and that this should be prevented. This surprises me because, as far as I can see, SA is turning into a one party dominant state with a number of smaller and fractious parties squabbling over the diminishing opposition vote. Of course, if Mulder admitted to this fact he'd then have to admit that his own party was contributing to the problem of the fractious opposition. As long as he's able to maintain the fiction that SA is a two party state he can argue that there is a legitimate place for his and other minority parties.


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