Thursday, April 01, 2004

The BBC has collected all of the April Fool's stories to come out of Africa today.

But perhaps the funniest story of the day is this, apparently true, one about a British 'chicken-powered' nuclear bomb. Crazy poms! The Guardian has a round-up of the best of Britain's, genuine, April Fool's jokes.

Update: M&G has all the SA April Fools including one in the Beeld which it reports thus:

'Afrikaans daily Beeld announced that Hestrie Cloete would have to return the medal she won at the World Athletics Championships in Paris last year because her high school team had not fulfilled the quota requirements introduced to ensure proper racial representation.

Her medal would be given to someone else on the basis of "merit" with an athletics boss saying: "Since when is it only how high you can jump that counts?", wrote Frikkie Falstaff.'

Is it just me, or is a 'joke' which turns on all our worst suspicions about affirmative action simply not that funny?


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