Thursday, March 11, 2004

Vote for Me, Bru
The rumours are true. Big Bad Brad, famous for an early eviction during the first series of Big Brother SA has launched a political party, The Organisation Party. The party's website (complete with picture of Bad himself in suit, tie and suitably grave looking frown) contains the following uplifting message:

"Crime is a disease and it will spread faster than we know and we will all suffer in the end. Aids is perpetuated by a lack of education. We need broader education policies to educate our people and free education for our younger generation."

Bad Brad wants us to take him seriously and to that end has wasted no time in launching a scathing attack on, you guessed it, Tony Leon, saying:

"I don't like you. To me you're nothing more than a yapping chihuahua and a prime example of why I don't want to be called a politician."

According to the party's constitution, Bad has a number of vote winning ideas, including:

1.7 The reintroduction of the death penalty

1.10.1 The reintroduction of electrified fencing along the South African border with its neighbours.

1.10.2 The introduction of five year minimum sentences for any person employing an illegal immigrant.

1.10.3 The introduction of five year minimum sentences for any person or individual inclusive of government officials operating syndicates or participating in syndicates which fraudulently circumvent the law regarding immigration, operate marriage scams or encourage South African citizens to marry a foreigner in order to allow the foreigner to obtain residency or nationality status.

Well, I don't know about any of you, but I'm sold. Bad (maybe that should be Mr Bad) for president!


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