Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Tony Leon asks the question that, I think, a lot of us would like to know the answer to, namely, why is Trevor Manuel not being touted as a possible Deputy President and future leader?

"Mr Manuel, as we all know, has been quite competent and he has brought down the national debt."

"On top of that, at the last ANC conference he was elected in the top position to the [ruling party's] national executive. And unlike our current deputy president [Jacob Zuma], there is no Scorpions' investigation in progress against Mr Manuel."

"So why is it that he is rarely ever mentioned as a possible deputy president, indeed as a successor to Thabo Mbeki?"

Leon continued: "Some speculate that it is because "he is only a 'so-called coloured'." I would hope that is not true. But if it is true, it is a disgrace."


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