Friday, March 12, 2004

South Africa's economic dominance of Africa (the country's investments in the continent are valued at $500 million) is, I'm told, a source of some resentment, with much grumbling in parts about "re-colonisation." My scanty knowledge of economics informs me, of course, that such concerns are misplaced. South African businesses are providing jobs in other African states, and providing consumers with greater choice and cheaper goods. But quite apart from that, this article provides a good example of how freer trade between African states isn't only providing opportunities to South African companies. Shoprite Checkers, South Africa's largest supermarket chain, is to begin importing ground coffee from a company based in Uganda. Given that Shoprite Checkers has 700 stores in 15 African countries, the benefits for the company involved, and its employees, should be pretty significant.


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