Thursday, March 04, 2004

M&G reports an amusing incident that occurred during Jacob Zuma's recent campaign visit to Cape Town:

'Amid a phalanx of bodyguards and curious crowds surrounding Zuma, Glenville Tempies (23) of Paarl tried to sell the deputy president a pair of sunglasses, which he said he had just stolen from someone. Somewhat taken aback, Zuma declined the offer and asked why. Tempies said he had spent three years in prison in Grahamstown for robbery, and had attended various rehabilitation programmes and initiatives to gain work skills. He had succeeded and even obtained "diplomas"... Tempies said he had been promised a job on his release, but nothing had happened and he was still out of work. "Now, sometimes I have to rob (to survive)." Looking around, Zuma said: "I think someone must take your details."

Perhaps somebody should have tried to arrest the man, although with chutzpah like that he probably should have been offered a job in government.


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