Thursday, March 25, 2004

The Freedom Front Plus (btw what's the 'plus' all about) protested against Sanlam Bank on Thursday because of its decision to donate money to South Africa's political parties in proportion to the number of votes that they receive. The ANC thus ended up with R700 000 with the FF+ getting a mere R10 000.

I'm not sure what other formula they have in made that could have made things any fairer. Perhaps the truth of the matter is revealed by FF+ leader Piet Mulder's comment that, 'Sanlam was largely built on Afrikaaner sentiment.' Presumably he thinks that this entitles the FF+ to a bigger share of the booty. However, given that the FF+ still appears to be campaigning for the break up of the Republic, Sanlam was perhaps well advised to limit the cash flow.


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