Tuesday, March 30, 2004

The ANC/NNP have ruled out an alliance in the Western Cape with the DA.

Although we should not be surprised by this, it does raise an interesting point. According to a Markinor poll last month (I'm not going to look for it, so just take my word), the combined ANC/NNP vote in the Western Cape was less than 50 percent. If memory serves me correctly, the ANC looked like getting 30 percent, the DA 23 percent and the NNP 18 percent. Now it is likely that if these poll numbers are borne out in the election, the ANC/NNP will be able to rope in one of the smaller parties to make up the 50 percent majority, but there is an outside chance that they will not. The spectre thus raises itself of the three parties being forced to co-operate in order to run the province. Not a bad thing by any means, in my book. It would do both the DA and the ANC good to have to work with each other. Hard to demonise the opposition when you are partners with them in government. Nevertheless, as I say, it is rather unlikely that this will happen.

I was also very amused by the utter hypocrisy of 'Kortbroek' van Schalkwyk who, according to the news report, 'painted the DA as a party of rightwingers who lauded the likes of apartheid architect Hendrik Verwoerd.'

Need I point out, Kortbroek that Verwoerd was the leader of your party. In fact, this gives me the opportunity to endorse the suggestion, made by a friend of mine recently, that Kortbroek by re-named 'Sonderbroek'. A far more apt description of a man who has demonstrated that he has no political principles and is prepared to sell himself to the highest bidder.


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