Saturday, February 28, 2004

Torture in Zimbabwe
This BBC story, which claims that youths are being taught to torture in the name of Robert Mugabe, so as to keep him in power, is horrifying, but not that surprising, given what we know about the nature of Mugabe's leadership. Apart from more or less ensuring that future elections won't be free and fair, these disclosures pose worrying questions about a post-Mugabe Zimbabwe. After all, when Mugabe does go, and the country attempts to make a fresh start, there will be thousands of youths with no skills, and no experience, except the application of violence. In a wrecked economy, their only option will, presumably, be to turn to a life of violent crime, much like the so-called "lost generation" of South Africa. And that in turn will undermine whatever chance Zimbabwe has of making an economic recovery.


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