Wednesday, February 11, 2004

Islington Man Goes Down
A few days ago a colleague related the following highly amusing story to me:

Apparently, shortly after being elected, Hartlepool MP and former cabinet member extraordinaire, Peter Mandelson, was moved to do a tour of his constituency. Now, for those who don't know, Mandelson is the archetypal 'Islington man'. A smooth talking, Italian suit wearing, cappucino sipping dilettante, more accustomed to the arcane world of Westminster than the tough, gritty world of post-industrial Hartlepool. Cue Mandelson wandering down the Hartlepool High Street in one of his impeccable suits and with a gaggle of press behind him. The tour involved stopping off at a renowned local Fish 'n Chip shop where Mandelson was supposed to sample the local product whilst demonstrating his 'popular touch' to the press. After standing around awkwardly for a couple of minutes the shops proprietor produced a plate of fish, chips and a large helping of mushy pees (an English speciality, apparently). The story goes that on seeing the mushy pees, Mandelson's face lit up and he exclaimed, 'Ooh, I do love guacamole!'

Priceless, if true.


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