Thursday, February 26, 2004

Amoako's African Diary
KY Amoako, head of the UN's Economic Commission for Africa, has started a blog -- Amoako's African Diary -- that might well be worth following. Amoako has strong views about good governance consisting in the "capable state", that is, a state that is able to "guarantee peace and security, provide an enabling political and legal environment for economic growth and promote the equitable distribution of the fruits of that growth." To this end, the Commission he heads up has been surveying the progress of African states towards those goals.

Earlier, I expressed concerns about the peer-review system to be adopted by Nepad. In particular, I worried about how "good governance" will be defined, and in the manner in which the criteria that are settled upon will be interpreted. It occurs to me that, once the peer-review mechanism gets off the ground, the resources offered by Mr Amoako's blog might provide a useful counterpoint.


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