Monday, January 26, 2004

Voting info for expats
I suspect that many of you will already know this, but according to an article on the SA High Commission's website (

"In so far as overseas voting is concerned, section 33 of the Act provides for the two categories, viz. absence from the RSA on government service or membership of the household of a person being so absent. This covers embassy staff and their households.

The second category, which has been included in terms of the Act, is made up of those who are temporarily absent from the RSA for purposes of a holiday, a business trip, attendance of a tertiary institution or an educational visit or participation in an international sports event.

Persons in the second category must however inform the Commission within 15 days after the proclamation of the date of the election of their intended absence including their intention to vote as well as the place where they will cast their vote. Persons who wish to vote overseas must be registered in the voting district where they are ordinarily resident in South Africa, and present their green barded ID and their passport. In collaboration with the department of Foreign
Affairs, work has already begun to give effect to this provision."

Thanks to Robyn for the heads up.


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