Thursday, January 22, 2004

SABC Watch
As Murray pointed out a few days ago, the Independant Communications Authority of South Africa has not been living up to its name recently. It threw out a complaint, brought last week by the DA, about the SABC's election coverage citing what can only be described as a narrowly legalistic argument about the formal beginning of the election period. That prompted the DA to seek a meeting with the SABC itself to discuss its apparent bias. The SABC, predictably, refused to meet anyone from the DA, claiming that its request was an 'attack' that 'brings into disrepute the integrity of the SABC'. That little piece of nonsense has in turn prompted the IFP to ask whether SABC spokesperson Paul Setsetse, '...has received training from Zimbabwe's Information Minister, Jonathan Moyo?' Ouch!

If this is how things are before the President has even announced the date of the election then things are going to get really interesting when the campaiging gets underway for real.


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