Wednesday, January 21, 2004

I've refrained, thus far, from commenting on next weeks House of Commons vote on Top-Up fees mainly because I'm not certain that I can contain my anger. I hasten to add though, that my anger is aimed full-square at the legions of whinging, whining, hand-wringing students bemoaning the fact that they might be expected to *gasp* contribute a token amount towards their educations. The sight, last year, of Oxford Uninversity's Student Union, a body that seems to exist solely to provide a platform for middle-class types to advance their political ambitions, protesting the proposal to introduce top-up fees nearly moved me to apoplexy.

I was similarly moved when reading, in yesterday's papers, about a certain Julia Prague (A medic student from London) who attacked Tony Blair on television the previous night over his plans. Ms Prague had the gall to suggest that unless students receive free education the country might soon find itself facing a shortage of doctors. In fact, at one point she was apparently so crass as to suggest that a dustman suffering from a heart attack would be glad to know that his taxes had been used to subsidise her medical training. I was thus very happy to see Stephen Pollard administering the eviscerating she and her ilk so richly deserve.


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