Monday, January 26, 2004

I don't normally bother commenting on anything to do with US politics because there are too many others doing it already and most of them do it so much better than I could. Nevertheless, I couldn't resist responding to something Jackie said today. She suggests that the reason she will be voting Republican is because the democrats are:

'...way too big on governmental interference in the lives of individuals and in cumbersome, anti-investment business regulations.'

But from where I stand it seems that the Republicans are pretty damn keen to interfere in the lives of the citizenry too and I suspect that even such a Republican stalwart as Andrew Sullivan would agree with me. Whether you like it or not, on personal matters, especially sex, the Republicans can be just as interfering as the Democrats. The difference between the two is that where Democrats like to interefere in the boardroom, Republicans like to interefere in the bedroom. I think that this is a serious charge, but even if you disagree, you would still have to concede that your Libertarian credentials are offended by a party which involves itself explicitly in the private lives of its people.

As for being anti-business, I'd draw your attention to Bush's steel tariffs, a piece of legislation which must stand as amongst the most cynical, hypocritical and yes, anti-business, of the last decade.

That said, I'm not particularly enamoured of any of the Democrat hopefuls either. Lucky I'm not stuck on the horns of this particular dilemna, I suppose.


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