Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Given all the recent fuss over Thabo Mbeki's refusal to announce the date of the election, I thought it might be fun to see what the positions of the various parties themselves are.

Tony Leon pulls no punches arguing in his weekly letter that:

'The longer the ANC delays, the more it actually runs the risk of disenfranchising South African voters. Many people need to make work plans or travel arrangements that will enable them to be at their polling stations on election day. They cannot do so if they do not know exactly when the elections will be held.'

The ANC itself has nothing to say on the issue, which is, I suppose, an indication of just how little importance it attaches to the official opposition. Nevertheless, the ANC Youth League has issued a press statement arguing, with its usual eloquence, that:

'...this selfish ploy by the DA and its cronies in the form of some mickey-mouse empty parties with a lot of noise is aimed at nothing other than to deprive many South Africans of their right to vote. This is a calculated strategy by the DA to sow confusion before elections, with a false hope that one day in this lifetime, Tony Leon will rule our country. People have a right to be such ambitious, but that cannot be at the expense of the majority especially after many atrocities of the SADF.

These political criminals know very well that once the election date has been proclaimed, the voters' roll will have to be closed which will result in many people who could not register for a variety of reasons being excluded from the elections.'

It's not clear what that sentence about the SADF is doing in there. Still a little over-excited hyperbole and distortion in a press release never hurt anyone. Incidentally, the ANCYL appears to be appending the wonderful phrase, 'Every Youth League Member An Organizer, A Commissar .....' to all its press releases. Inspirational stuff!


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