Tuesday, November 18, 2003

Your daily Hefer
You couldn't write this stuff. Now it seems that Mac Maharaj may have been a spy M&G reports that at today's round of the Hefer Commission, Maharaj was

"...was asked... to react to an allegation that he himself had been an apartheid agent.

The former transport minister was shown a book during his cross-examination before the Hefer commission, in which he is accused of having been an apartheid government agent.

Advocate Norman Arendse, for Justice Minister Penuell Maduna, produced the book titled Sellout! by one Pieter Jacobus Pretorius. It was published in 1997. Pretorius claimed to be an advocate and former agent of the National Intelligence Agency (NIA)."

We've argued before but it's worth repeating that the need to resolve this imbroglio satisfactorily is such that the govt may need to contemplate doing things that it finds unpalatable. Such as letting Hefer have access to NIA files and subpoenaing former spies.

It may be part of the democratic process to let commissions like this run their course but unless they offer satisfactory explanations of what actually happened they have the potential to cast a shadow over the govt and our confidence in its integrity. Mr President, your party appears to be tearing itself to pieces. It is time to pull out the stops and let the truth out.


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