Friday, November 21, 2003

The Twits
The Star has a nice summary of Mac Maharaj's major concessions under cross-examination. I think it's safe to say that the man's reputation is now well and truly ruined and since Mo Shaik refused, today, to reveal the source of his information about Ngcuka's alleged spying, it looks like he's going the same way.

If, as seems very likely now, Bulelani Ngcuka comes through this ordeal without any of the mud sticking, he's going to be a formidable figure on the SA stage. Hopefully, he'll use that power to get back to the issue that everyone seems to have forgotten about in the midst of all this, namely: who benefited from the arms deal?

UPDATE: I've just dug out an old but interesting (and amusing in a rather morbid way) Noseweek article about the Shaik brothers. It seems this family has quite a history. Incidentally, I'd recommend Noseweek to all who sometimes get the feeling that more is going on than meets the eye...


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