Thursday, November 13, 2003

Resistance in Zim
If this report about the emergence of an armed resistance movement in Zimbabwe is true it marks a serious, if not wholly unexpected, turn of events. Once the struggle against Mugabe's tyranny moves from the lawful to the unlawful the possibility of a peaceful transition will disappear.

The report also mentions that

"...on Wednesday, new South African-based newspaper, This Day, released a special edition in Harare urging Mr Mugabe to step down. It also condemned the South African Government for its "shameful silence" on the crisis in Zimbabwe."

For those of you who don't know, This Day is apparently owned by a group of Nigerian businessmen, so this development should put paid to that old saw that it's only the Western (for which read White) media that criticises Mugabe.

UPDATE: Okay, this is interesting. I've just been given the link to the resistance movement (Zimbabwe Freedom Movement). Their website only carries a 'communique' listing their demands and a couple of photos of what is described as an 'arms dump'. They claim to be comprised of, mostly, serving members of the Zim armed forces and to be non-political. They also hold Mugabe wholly responsible for Zimbabwe's problems and are threatening to remove him by, '...judicious use of appropriate force' should he fail to step down willingly.

At this stage it is too early to say if this is all some elaborate hoax or, if it is true, whether ZFMs 'will of steel' is strong enough to drive it to some sort of armed insurrection or not. Either way, it's a sign of how bad things are in Zimbabwe that this sort of stuff is being openly spoken of.

UPDATE 2: I've just done a quick check of most of South Africa's major news sites to try and get more on this story but none of them have any details. The BBC story that I linked to is timed at 3:30pm so it looks like Southern Cross has beaten all of South Africa's news agencies to the punch. And since the BBC doesn't have ZFMs link, you could say we beat them too. Sorry, just a bit of shameless breast beating!


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