Friday, November 14, 2003

More on the ZFM
Do they really exist or not? After reading this report on News24, Richard has some doubts (see his comment). I'm not so sure though. Peter Tatchell has a pretty good pedigree as an opponent of Mugabe's and so perhaps it's not pushing the bounds of credibility to suggest that he would be an obvious choice to break the news of the existence of the ZFM to the world. And then there's the fact that a British Junior Foreign Minister is claiming that the ZFM made an informal approach to the British High Commission in Harare.

Something that doesn't add up though, is the claim, reported in the M&G, that the group has
"...a network of cells throughout the country and thousands of members, primarily soldiers, police and members of the security services"
This would be the same police force and army that has been ruthlessly loyal to Mugabe over the past few years and, to the best of my knowledge, has never failed to carry out its orders to harry, supress and repress his political opponents. I could understand a few hundred malcontents, but thousands?

If you're insatiable, Jonathan Edelstein has more


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