Monday, November 10, 2003

More astute commentary by Farrel at Politics.ZA. This time about the DA/IFP alliance:

Just a quick comment by myself. There is NO way the DA and IFP are going to ever amalgamate for a variety of reasons.

#1 Tony Leon got burned by the NNP and I'm sure he's not keen to repeat that again. I'm sure their alliance will be close but they will definitely remain seperate.

#2 Their respective constituents are just too different. The IFP still relies on the tribal structure of Zulu's in Natal for the majority of their support. I somehow can't see Ton y rocking up at a IFP rally in full royal Zulu regalia.

#3 Their are still some fundamental political differences between the two, especially when it comes to traditional leaders having increased political power. The IFP is all for it because through their tight binds with the Zulu royal household it would help them, while for the DA traditional leaders are probably not their cup of tea.

The DA might be able to help the IFP in Natal by getting votes for them from the white/indian populations in the urban areas. How the IFP is going to help the DA get back the Western Cape I'm not so sure.


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