Wednesday, November 19, 2003

At the Hefer Commission Mac Maharaj has admitted that he doesn't know whether Bulelani Ngcuka was an apartheid spy, and that he based his accusation entirely upon a report compiled by Mo Shaik in the late 80s, the factual foundations of which he didn't bother to investigate.

Once again, I'm flabbergasted that anyone could behave this recklessly. Its not only a question of Maharaj unfairly smearing Ngcuka, but he's effectively ruining his own public standing in the process. I can only surmise that Maharaj didn't anticipate that a full-blown commission would be convened, and that he was hoping that his comments would 'stick' to Ngcuka, in much the same way that Ngcuka's comments about Zuma 'probably' being guily of corruption threaten to stick to the vice-president. If so, he's badly miscalculated.

Look here for telling cross-examination by Marumo Moerane.


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