Thursday, October 23, 2003

Your daily Hefer update: SABC news is reporting that former anti-Apartheid activists Letha Jolobe and Glenn Goosen are to testify today. Jolobe was jailed, along with Bulelani Ngucka, for refusing to testify against three fellow activists during a treason trial in the early 80s. Goosen was a member of a group of activists in the Eastern Cape about whom Vanessa Brereton, recently revealed to be Apartheid spy RS452, reported to the authorities.

What really caught my eye, though, was this paragraph:

'George Bizos is also scheduled to make a submission to the commission tomorrow on behalf of the country's intelligence agencies...The commission has requested a wide range of apartheid era intelligence files from the agencies. However, in discussions they reportedly indicated that they could not provide these, as it would compromise their intelligence gathering.'

Let me see if I have this straight... It would 'compromise' the activities of the present intelligence services if they revealed information obtained during the Apartheid era. That can't be right. Surely they should be only too willing to reveal information obtained by the Apartheid intelligence services. It's not as if they still have Apartheid spies on the payroll, right? Nor is it likely that the agencies set up to monitor internal politics and dissent are still active. So, what is the problem? This may be the information that clinches the case...

Meanwhile, Mac Maharaj is adamant that Bulelani Ngcuka was an Apartheid spy. This comes shortly after representives for Maharaj and Mo Shaik advised the Hefer commission that it was not their contention that Ngucka was agent RS452. Murray gave short shrift to Maharaj and Shaik's changing story yesterday. All that I want to add is that, if Ngcuka is cleared, these two should face the high jump for wasting the states time and resources.


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