Monday, October 27, 2003

Way South has some stuff on South Africa's proposed pebble bed nuclear reactor.

I was, initially, rather sceptical of this. South Africa has a history of large and expensive projects which struggle to turn a profit, think of Mossgas, SASOL, the Rooivalk etc, and this just seemed to be more of the same. But, as time's gone by, I've been won over by some of the arguments. Pebble beds are exceptionally safe and, if the experts are to be believed, relatively cheap. Furthermore, compared to coal fired reactors they present far less of an environmental problem. Certainly, there is the problem of waste disposal but, in a country that is largely made up of unpopulated desert, that shouldn't be a problem. Finally, they may even earn us some much needed export dollars, if we can sell a few of them overseas.


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