Wednesday, October 22, 2003

This is from the M&G story 'Maharaj, Shaik drop RS452 spy claim':

'Commission evidence leader Kessie Naidu told former judge Joos Hefer that Mac Maharaj and Mo Shaik denied this week that they believed Ngcuka had been RS452 ... "That is not their contention," their lawyer, Yunis Shaik, told commission secretary John Bacon.'

But that seems to have been their contention all along. I'm not in South Africa, and so don't have the benefit of watching TV news, but I found this on the independent newspapers web-site, in the article 'An open letter to Vanessa Brereton':

'Then came an slot where Mo Shaik presented his documents proving that RS452 was Ngcuka. The white former PE activists couldn't believe it when all they could see on the documents was reference to them and their meetings ... Ngcuka had never been part of their groups at the time.'

So it seems that the claim that Ngcuka was RS452 was the main argument all along. Are Maharaj et al now seriously going to present further evidence that they haven't bothered to tell anyone about yet? And, if they do have such evidence, how convincing is it likely to be, given the flimsiness of their initial case?

It's astonishing, actually, that so much trouble has been caused by what increasingly appear to be ill-founded allegations. The next question, I suppose, is, if Ngcuka is exonerated, whether he decides to sue for defamation.


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