Saturday, October 18, 2003

On the reversion to the original template: I've decided that there is elegance in simplicity, thus the decision to go back to the white on blue template. More pertinently, I figured out how to put a links section onto the page, so we no longer have a need for the rather horrible template of the past 3 days.

The links section (on the right) is going to grow and change slowly over the next few weeks but for the moment I've linked to the blogs that we read on a regular basis. A brief word on each of them:

The Oxbloggers are 2 of our fellow Rhodes Scholars, from America. These guys have been very successful since getting going and are usually the first blog that I read each day. They tend to be right of centre, particularly on foreign policy issues, but they're on the ball and Oxblog is always worth reading. They achieved something of a coup earlier this year when they got a mention in the Washington Post and they've also been spoken of by Fareed Zakaria of Newsweek magazine.

Glenn Reynolds, at Instapundit, is one of the 'big boys' in the bloggosphere and when they come to write the history of blogging he'll get a whole chapter to himself. He can be pretty esoteric at times and his blog tends to jump around a bit but everbody reads him because he's damn good.

Andrew Sullivan is another big name in blogging, and is probably something of an enigma to a lot of people: a gay man with (I believe) HIV who is a self-described neo-con and supporter of the Republicans. Sullivan sometimes goes off on rants, at which stage he's best avoided for a day or two, but he usually makes for thought provoking reading.

Iain Murray (at The edge of England's Sword) is a Brit living in the US. His blog is worth reading if only to counter the American bias of the blog world. That said he's a good read although his postings are a little infrequent.

The Volokh Conspiracy are a whole bunch of US academics writing from a loosely libertarian, free-market, individual rights perspective. I don't read them now as much as I used to but I still stop by an hour each week.

Matt Yglesias, is a usefull corrective to all the right of centre blogs out there. He's sceptical of the US's presence in Iraq and the Bush administration in general. Read him after the Oxbloggers to get a different perspective on things.

Amitai Etzioni is an academic and well-known communitarian philosopher. Another one who's worth reading to counter the heavy right-wing bias of the blogosphere.

I hardly ever read, Sasha Castel but she's got a very extensive blogroll (links section) for when you feel like branching out into the rest of the blog world.

Have fun with this....


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