Tuesday, October 21, 2003

A friend of mine has just spent the last 2 weeks in Nigeria as part of a satellite uplink unit covering the All Africa games. He reports that:

'SA was leading in the medals count, but was strangely overtaken by Nigeria and Egypt. And yes, there has been some controversy over just how many Golds, Silvers and Bronze have been awarded. I don't know any more about the whole fiasco, but it doesn't really surprise me. In this last week there has been such an "Anti South African" feeling amongst the locals, they're almost going out of their way to make our lives difficult. Our Hockey Girls were in the Semi's and somehow they weren't able to give us any live pictures from that stadium.'

I've heard it said before that the rest of Africa takes a pretty dim view of South Africans but I've always assumed that this was a wild exaggeration or if it existed that it was limited to a small minority of people. Of course my friend's letter doesn't disprove this thesis but it does suggest that, at the very least, resentment of South Africans can no longer be simply dismissed. An issue that bears watching, I think..


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